Vienna’s famous artists are very popular still to this day. This article highlights Gustav Klimt and will provide interesting facts about him and his life in Vienna.

Gustav Klimt: Facts

  • From Austria and known as a radical artist for the 20th
  • He was always pushing boundaries in the art world.
  • He was a winner of a scholarship to an art school when he was fourteen years old.
  • He was the second child out of seven.
  • His career at first was an interior designer.
  • When his father died, his entire world changed, and his grief was overwhelming to him. He had the worst grief and problems dealing with it.
  • His favorite animals were cats, he loved them.
  • He was known for being a womanizer. He loved sex and looking at women.
  • He only had one real relationship in his lifetime.
  • He travelled a lot in his life.
  • There were many of his portraits that were burned.
  • He really loved landscapes.
  • He founded two art movements.
  • He was not very fond of himself.
  • He did not like hanging out with people from high society families.
  • His mother was a musical performer and his dad engraved gold.
  • He showed his talents from a very young age.
  • He became known for mural paintings.
  • His brother died the same year that his dad died.
  • The death of father and brother caused him to change his art style all together.
  • His work included many types of symbolism. He used the gold leaf and Byzantine-inspired imagery.
  • His paintings are very detailed, and they took him many hours to complete.
  • He lived a very simple life.
  • On the days in which he stayed home, his wardrobe was sandals and a long robe.
  • He painted for hours every day. Sometimes he would paint all day long.
  • Gustav Klimt never painted a self-portrait.
  • Klimt died on 6th February 1918.
  • He had pneumonia, then he had a severe flu virus, then he died of a stroke.
  • He is buried in the Hietzinger Cemetery in Vienna.
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