Purina Complete Dog Chow Vs Purina Little Bites

In January 1995, my class walked over to the animal shelter to see the Siberian husky that one of the students was going to adopt. But when we went down the aisle looking at the dogs, my eyes locked on the adult dog in the pen beside the Siberian husky. He was an Australian shepherd and Border collie mix. He was mainly white with a black patch over one eye and a black ear on that same side, and two big black spots on his back. At about thirty-five pounds, he was a bit underweight. As soon as I got home, I told my mom that we had to adopt him. She gave in and we went to the animal shelter that same day. We bought him a collar and leash, but then came the question of what brand of dog food to buy.

Really, there wasn’t much of a decision. We had always used Purina for the cats, and I wanted to use Purina for my dog. We chose the Purina dog chow complete formula. As I’ve already stated, the dog was a bit underweight considering he was an adult dog. Obviously the Purina complete formula was the best food for him because he steadily gained weight. One he reached his ideal weight of about forty-five pounds, he stopped gaining. It was the perfect dog food. However, he always acted like it was such hard work to eat and often he’d lie down while he ate. From the way he acted, it was obvious he didn’t like that the pieces of food were so big. It almost looked like it was exercise for him to crunch of each piece of food.

After Purina came out with the lamb and rice formula, we decided to try that. My dog loved it. I think he partly liked it because the pieces of food were smaller than the complete formula. The problem with that food was that we couldn’t ever find it anywhere. There were times that I had to call around to all of the stores in the area to find it. There was the Purina One lamb and rice, but we didn’t want to switch back and forth between the Purina and the Purina One because switching food like that isn’t good for your dog. Not to mention Purina One was about five dollars higher.

We had such a hard time finding the Purina lamb and rice that we switched to the Purina little bites dog food. My dog didn’t seem to care that the little bites food wasn’t the lamb and rice formula. He wasn’t picky about it and ate it without any problems. However, this dog food became hard to find as well.

One day when I was shopping for the dog food instead of my mom, I noticed that Purina had come out with the healthy morsels dog food. At this point, my dog had reached fifty pounds (probably because he was getting older and not as active) and I felt like that this might be the most appropriate dog food. At the same time he was being fed the Purina healthy morsels, we were feeding the cats the Purina indoor formula cat food. We thought we were doing what was in the pets’ best interest. Note: To see how that didn’t go so well with the cat food, see my article comparing the Purina complete formula vs Purina indoor formula.

Since the cats were switched back to the Purina complete formula, I wondered if the dog should be switched back too. He was eating more of the healthy morsels, exactly like the cats had been of the indoor formula cat food. Making the decision, I switched the dog back to the little bites dog food since by this point it wasn’t as hard to find.

It should be noted that your pet’s food shouldn’t be switched often. This dog food comparison runs over a ten year time span, which means I didn’t switch my dog’s food that often. I no longer have my dog, he died in July 2005. Note: To see what happened to him, see my review of PetSmart’s grooming.

Basically, my choice of dog food came down to my belief that eating shouldn’t be such hard work that the dog looked like he was about to crack a tooth at any moment. While my dog did flourish on the Purina complete dog chow, I recommend the Purina little bites dog food. It’s just as healthy, only it’s smaller pieces of food.

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Vienna’s Artists: Gustav Klimt

Vienna’s famous artists are very popular still to this day. This article highlights Gustav Klimt and will provide interesting facts about him and his life in Vienna.

Gustav Klimt: Facts

  • From Austria and known as a radical artist for the 20th
  • He was always pushing boundaries in the art world.
  • He was a winner of a scholarship to an art school when he was fourteen years old.
  • He was the second child out of seven.
  • His career at first was an interior designer.
  • When his father died, his entire world changed, and his grief was overwhelming to him. He had the worst grief and problems dealing with it.
  • His favorite animals were cats, he loved them.
  • He was known for being a womanizer. He loved sex and looking at women.
  • He only had one real relationship in his lifetime.
  • He travelled a lot in his life.
  • There were many of his portraits that were burned.
  • He really loved landscapes.
  • He founded two art movements.
  • He was not very fond of himself.
  • He did not like hanging out with people from high society families.
  • His mother was a musical performer and his dad engraved gold.
  • He showed his talents from a very young age.
  • He became known for mural paintings.
  • His brother died the same year that his dad died.
  • The death of father and brother caused him to change his art style all together.
  • His work included many types of symbolism. He used the gold leaf and Byzantine-inspired imagery.
  • His paintings are very detailed, and they took him many hours to complete.
  • He lived a very simple life.
  • On the days in which he stayed home, his wardrobe was sandals and a long robe.
  • He painted for hours every day. Sometimes he would paint all day long.
  • Gustav Klimt never painted a self-portrait.
  • Klimt died on 6th February 1918.
  • He had pneumonia, then he had a severe flu virus, then he died of a stroke.
  • He is buried in the Hietzinger Cemetery in Vienna.
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Iconic ICO Review

Iconic is a blockchain-based venture which facilitates financing of the assets of businesses in a decentralized way. This platform will become an ecosystem which will be able to provide individuals a secure way to finance an ICO without the risk of losing their money. It covers all possible steps or phases of an ICO, which includes offering tokens, trading tokens and the instruments which are necessary for fulfilling the obligations and promises made in the offers.


  • Schedule: 1st May – 31st May 2018
  • Minimum Investment: 0,1 ETH
  • Initial Bonus: 20% DAY 1-3
  • Accepted: Ethereum
  • Price: 1 ETH = 30,310 NIC
  • Cap: 185 – 14,100 ETH
  • Other reviews: Find them on TheTechInsider

The Iconic Ecosystem

Iconic ICOThere are three operational platforms through which the plan works. The first is Environment, where the ICO will take place. Then, there is the second stage, which is Trading. This is more like the aftermath of the ICO where the active trading of the tokens and financing happens before anything is confirmed. The final stage is Assurance, where the smart contracts are enforced to make sure the investors keep their promises. This last stage is the most important one as the assurance is like a guarantee for safety that protects the investments in the future.

The currency used within the ecosystem is NIC which is quite safe and, as it claims, free from volatility.

What Problem Does It Solve?

Iconic helps provide a safety net to individuals and protect them against fake ICOs by having an Iconic Assurance Framework. This platform will provide users with escrow, auditing tools and a panel for arbitration. Basically, it will protect the blockchain technology investments by monitoring, certifying and auditing.


Considering there are so many ICOs that are happening right now, it might not be easy for an investor to differentiate between a real project and a scam. For the Iconic ecosystem to be successful, the platform has to be adopted all over the crypto world.

This project seems like a positive and viable solution which connects business assets to the blockchain technology. The team of this project is also very determined to make this ecosystem work to the fullest. This platform, however, has still a lot to achieve since it is still in infancy.

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EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

The EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater is one of the most reliable products that you can easily consider buying. This product surely is able to provide you the best services and is one of the highly rated ones as well. It is particularly designed to offer you versatile and varied natured services. The company has put in a lot of efforts to maintain its reputation and used all the latest technologies in making this water heater one of its kind.


This water heater is able to provide you the fifty percent off on the water heating costs. It is also energy efficient and proves to be a useful asset. There are provided digital controls on the heater to offer you control over the hot water. It does not require a huge storage space to be stored in because the device is made extremely compact in size. The appearance is made extremely stylish and attractive for people. The design is made in advance for it to be easy to use. The installation process is extremely easy and can also be done on your own. Although we listed some features here, you can find more features over at del.icio.us.com!


  • EcoSmart ECO 27This water heating unit is extremely easy to operate.
  • You will also get a lifetime warranty with this product to cover all the repairs.
  • It will be able to provide you the water that is heated up at a perfect level.
  • It does not require any kind of the professional assistance either for the maintenance or cleaning of this filter.
  • You can easily clean it on your own without much effort required.
  • Also, it allows you to fix the minor defects on your own just with the help of a screwdriver.
  • This heater provides enough power for heating. This is to ensure that you are getting the water in the desired temperature.


  • The installation process is a little bit complicated.
  • The water heating can take up some time.


As we all know that there are a huge number of water heaters available in the market. But the EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater will always remain on the top because of its great water heating capabilities. This product will never ever disappoint you in any situation. Also, this device is extremely easy to be maintained without requiring any kind of the professional help for the same.

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Hurricane Sandy and The Blues

A week ago, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on states in the northeastern section of the United States. With the number of fatalities currently at 111, residents are still trying to process the effects of what was likely one of the worst storms in the region’s history. Even to this day, almost one million people are still without power and about 30,000-40,000 are in need of shelter.

It is going to take a long time before everything is back to normal. It is important that those who were directly affected tend to their mental health, especially during these difficult times. If they do not, they will find their road to recovery to be very difficult. Here are 8 ways to remain mentally healthy:

Identify positives: This may sound obnoxious but try to point out all of the things to be thankful for. As painful as the loss of property and possessions may be, realize that some people are now mourning the death of loved ones. You have your life and that is something to be grateful for.

Keep in touch with loved ones: This may be difficult right now with power outages still in effect but let your friends and family know how you are doing. Tell them they ways in which they can help you. Keep loved ones engaged to ease their worry and your stress.

Turn off the TV: Speaking of stress, watching constant reports on how dire things are will only make you more more anxious and give you more blues. Turn the TV off and find something more constructive to do. Even if you are a victim, there may be a way you can help others. Check up on your elderly neighbors, bond with the children in your life, etc.

Eat and sleep well: Need something constructive to do? Sleep! Eat! But don’t do too much of either. One of the most common symptoms of depression is poor eating and sleep habits so if you witness a loved one suffering from either of these, intervene.

Stay true to your feelings: You may feel as if you are obligated to remain strong and brave, especially if you have children. This does not mean you cannot express feelings of sadness or worry. Trying to conceal your emotions will only cause more stress for yourself.

Make a plan: Begin creating a plan on what you will need to do to rebound. Research which agencies and insurance companies you will need to contact. If you are worried about finances, you may be surprised by the ways in which you can be reimbursed. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo just announced federal disaster unem

ployment insurance available for victims affected by Hurricane Sandy.
Reach out for help: Do not try to carry the burden alone. Now is the time to connect with local elected officials and community organizations to find out how you can access the assistance you need. You can get help for your small business, insurance claims and finding an open shelter.

Therapy: Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety are common for survivors of natural disasters. Part of reaching out, includes getting help for whatever mental health issues you are facing now.

Participating in memorials may help you find a sense of community. Check Psychology Today and the National Alliance on Mental Illness to find support groups and grief counselors. You have to take care of yourself and it is virtually impossible to do it alone.

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